Lorne R. Bishop worked as a commercial artist and silkscreen printer after completing his fine arts degree at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1976. Beginning in 1985, he taught Art in High School, completed a Masters of Art Education from the University of Southern Mississippi, and taught in community college. Lorne is currently retired from teaching and continues to work independently. Working in both oils and acrylics, his preferred means of expression is Painting. His inspiration is based largely on his own photography and computer explorations. Lorne’s work is displayed through a number of public and private collections.


My work is a convergence of three major themes: the human figure, the natural environment, and human technologies in it’s many forms. The contrast between geometric and organic forms represents the paradox of our modern condition. As technology advances, cultures manipulate their environment to a higher level. As the level of geometry increases it seems that people lose touch with themselves and their humanity. I try to reconcile those disparities by finding the human element in a given situation. My images are realized through a combination of technologies consistent with the thematic dissonance: conventional photography, digital imaging and traditional oil painting. Images are transferred from computer to canvas and paintings are executed by hand using traditional techniques and a medium prepared from a twelfth century recipe.