Early Work

This is a selection of my favorite work from years ago. It features work dating as far back as my college days. It illustrates my development as a realist from the 1970’s when representational art was not in vogue.  Many of the techniques taught in those days have been called into question by today’s experts. View more

Recent Work

This is the work that I have been working on since completing the Ephemera series. I am experimenting with new techniques so some of the work is still in progress.  I will add more paintings as I complete them.

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Feminine Ephemera

This set consists of two separate but related series: Bodyscapes, a collection of nude women and Ephemeral Femininity, a series of portraits of women. These paintings were conceived originally as a study in flesh tones and facial proportions with the intention that each of the works would be able to stand on its own. View more